Real Fado

Is installed in old dependencies of the palace of Belém. These held carriages of support to the palace, before it even was acquired by the Portuguese crown to the counts of Aveiras, where they had their city residence. But it was not because it was destined for horses that the demonstration of wealth was less: The resemblance of the royal stables (the old part of the museum of the cars, still open to the public at the corner of this street), the wealth of the premises is very visible in the system of arches, the floor in stone slab, and the worked ceilings. In adapting to the restaurant, the space has undergone transformations, in order to recover these elements, in part mistreated in previous uses, showing all the splendor of the time, and the wealth of the Counts of Aveiras, and the period of apogee that came with the epic of the discoveries.