Show  –  15€

Bread, butter and olive oil seasoned
with balsamic vinegar   –  2€

Tapenade of olives and potatoes peel fries
with garlic mayonnaise –  2€


Pumpkin and carrot cream soup
with ginger and spring shoots  –  8€

Caldo verde (green cabbage soup),
with a slice of country smoked meat cake  –  9€

Mediterranean salad with cheese and nuts  –  10€

Tartar steak garnished with sweet potatoes two ways,
purée and crunchy, accompanied by a trilogy of
lettuces with citrus vinaigrette  –  12€

To share

Portuguese sausages and cheeses board  –  18€

Seafood plate (clams in a garlic,
garlic prawns, mussels, and sealed scallop)  –  19€


Codfish trilogy (confit, sealed and roasted filets)
garnished with mashed chickpeas,
sliced roasted peppers and jacked potatoes  –  23€

Sealed salmon with citrus salad, mashed potatoes
and smoked crumbs, with butter emulsion   –  24€

Seafood rice with cream cheese and soybean shots   –  26€


Wild raised pork tenderloin with fennel purée,
grilled lettuce, pork jus and potatoes and plums gratin  –  23€

Duck breast with garlic purée, fried polenta,
grilled asparagus and reduction of the duck broth
flavored with rosemary and Oporto wine  –  24€

Portuguese style steak with dehydrated ham,
smoked olives and peasant potatoes  –  26€


Fruit  –  6€

Hazelnut mousse with dried salad of dehydrated fruits  –  7€

Petit gateau with caramel tile crumble and vanilla ice cream  –  7€

«Abade priscos» pudding with citrus salad and lime sorbet  –  8€

«Encharcada» Traditional yolk and sugar monastery desert
with mint ice cream  –  8€

Menu Real


The option for a three course menu – menu real – allows you to have unrestricted choice of
one starter, one main plate and one desert, water (1/2 bottle), wine (1/2 bottle) as well as
coffee or tea  –  this is an interesting promotional offer.

(Show covert included)